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Fuck Cancer is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focusing on prevention, early detection, and supporting those affected by cancer. Fuck Cancer uses wit, edge, and a provocative tone to challenge how people think, feel, and talk about cancer. 

Our objective is to use Fuck Cancer's brand content to inspire, influence, and activate HCPs to ask and follow up about student's HPV status. 


Our tactic was to create a deliverable that used three commonly used HCP channels. 

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Interactive visual aid to be used as a leave behind

A pop-up direct mailer

Using what we know about the lack of awareness that male college students have about HPV, our approach was to emphasize the misconceptions that men might have about HPV, with the intention of increasing vaccination rates in this demographic. 

The outside of our direct mailer informs HCPs about reasons men do not initiate conversations about getting HPV vaccines. The inside of our mailer backs up our findings with relevant facts and statistics for HCPs to use. 

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